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AliExpress Wig Sale

Conquer Your Crown Game: The AliExpress Wig Sale

Last updated on December 17th, 2023

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Ready to unleash your inner hair chameleon without breaking the bank? Look no further than the epic AliExpress Wig Sale, happening now until December 31st! Dive into a treasure trove of discounts up to 70% off, plus tiered coupon codes that unlock extra savings depending on your cart total. Whether you’re a seasoned wig aficionado or a curious newbie, this guide is your roadmap to navigating the sale and finding the perfect crown to conquer your hair game.

Dates to Remember: Mark Your Calendars!

This dazzling deal runs from December 11th to December 31st, PST, giving you ample time to snag your dream wig (or two!). So, set those reminders, clear your schedule, and prepare to unleash your inner wig warrior.

Savings Stacked High: Up to 70% Off and Beyond!

Get ready for sticker shock (in the best way possible)! The AliExpress Wig Sale boasts discounts up to a whopping 70% off on a vast selection of synthetic and human hair wigs. From budget-friendly bobs to luxurious lacefronts, you’re guaranteed to find a style that fits your budget and your fiercest fantasies.

Code Cracked: Unlocking Your Discount Keys

But wait, there’s more! On top of the already incredible sale prices, AliExpress has sprinkled some extra coupon magic to amp up your savings. Here’s how to unlock your discount potential:

  • Newbie New Year, New Hair? Extra Perks for First-Timers!

If you’re a first-time AliExpress user, you’re in for a special treat! Simply use the code 10OFFWIG at checkout to score an extra $10 off your $50 wig purchase. Talk about starting your new year with a bang (or a bouncy curl)!

  • Level Up Your Look: Tiered Savings for Every Budget

For everyone else, there’s no need to fret. AliExpress has a coupon code for every spending level:

Sorry, no coupons/deals found.

Remember, these codes can be stacked with the existing sale discounts, so get ready to witness some serious savings sorcery!

From Budget Beauties to Luxe Locks: Navigating the AliExpress Wig Sea

Now that you’re armed with discount knowledge, let’s dive into the vast ocean of AliExpress wigs that awaits! Whether you’re rocking a tight budget or ready to splurge on some premium strands, the AliExpress Wig Sale has something for everyone.

Synthetic Savvy: Affordable Options for Everyday Slay

Synthetic Hair on AliExpress

Let’s face it, not everyone has Beyoncé-level funds for their hair game. But fear not, budget-conscious queens! The world of synthetic wigs is your oyster, offering a plethora of stylish and affordable options to slay all day.

Finding Your Fiber: Kanekalon, Heat-Friendly, and Beyond

When it comes to synthetics, Kanekalon reigns supreme. This high-quality fiber is known for its soft texture, natural look, and minimal shine. Plus, it can handle some light heat styling for those days you crave curls or waves. But don’t limit yourself! Explore other heat-friendly fibers like high-temperature nylon for even more styling versatility.

Style Spectrum: From Sleek Bobs to Bouncy Curls

The beauty of synthetic wigs is the endless variety of styles they offer. Craving a sleek and sophisticated bob for the office? You got it. Dreaming of voluminous bouncy curls for a night out? Done! AliExpress has a wig for every mood and occasion, so unleash your inner stylist and experiment without the commitment (or the price tag) of a salon dye job.

Human Hair Haven: Invest in the Premium Experience

For those who desire the ultimate in luxury and realism, the world of human hair wigs awaits. While the price tag might be higher, the investment is worth it for some. AliExpress human hair wigs offer an unparalleled level of naturalness, allowing you to style them just like your own hair.

Remy Royalty: Understanding Hair Quality Tiers

Not all human hair wigs are created equal. When navigating this premium section, familiarize yourself with hair quality tiers. Remy hair is considered the top dog, collected from a single donor and ensuring all the cuticles run in the same direction, resulting in tangle-free, silky strands. For a slightly more budget-friendly option, virgin hair is also a great choice, meaning it’s unprocessed and never been chemically treated.

Lace Magic: Frontals, Full Wigs, and Everything in Between

When it comes to human hair wigs, the construction also plays a big role. Lace wigs offer the most natural hairline, mimicking the look of real hair growing from your scalp. Choose between lace frontals for just the hairline, or full lace wigs for complete coverage. There are also machine-made wefts for a more affordable option, but keep in mind they won’t have the same level of realism as lace wigs.

Beyond the Buy Button: Essential Tips for AliExpress Wig Success

So, you’ve found your dream wig at a price that makes your heart sing. But before you hit checkout, there are a few essential tips to ensure your AliExpress wig buying experience is a total win:

Vendor Vetting: Finding Stores You Can Trust

With millions of vendors on AliExpress, it’s crucial to do your research. Check a store’s ratings and reviews, paying close attention to comments about hair quality, customer service, and shipping times. Look for stores with established track records and positive feedback to minimize the risk of disappointment.

Review Rundown: Read Between the Lines

Product descriptions can be deceiving, so dive deep into the customer reviews. Look for real photos and videos of the wigs in action, paying attention to the color accuracy, texture, and shedding level. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the review section – other customers can be your best source of honest information.

Size Matters: Achieving the Perfect Fit

Most wigs come in standard sizes, but for the best fit, take some time to measure your head. AliExpress sellers usually provide sizing charts to help you choose the right wig cap. If you’re between sizes, it’s always better to size up and have it adjusted slightly than end up with a wig that’s too tight.


The AliExpress Wig Sale is an epic opportunity to unleash your inner hair chameleon and conquer your crown game without breaking the bank. With the tips and tricks in this guide, you’re equipped to navigate the vast wig sea, find the perfect fit for your style and budget, and rock your newfound confidence with every glorious flip and twirl. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the sale, snag your dream wig, and prepare to own every room you walk into!

But before you dive into your wig shopping, be sure to check out the best AliExpress wigs under $20 and best AliExpress human hair under $100.

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$5 OFF your first order over $20

Take advantage of this AliExpress new user coupon and get $5 off your first order over $20.

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