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UGREEN Brand Day Sale on AliExpress

UGREEN Brand Day Sale on AliExpress

Last updated on December 7th, 2023

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Think getting innovative, quality tech products at unbeatable prices is too good to be true? It’s time to rethink that.

Welcome to UGREEN Brand Day Sale on AliExpress. Here, you’ll find up to 60% off on a wide variety of UGREEN’s cutting-edge products. We’re talking fast shipping, a 1-year warranty, and additional savings of up to 5% OFF with AliExpress coins.

Plus, if you’re quick enough, you might just snag a free HiTune H5 earphone gift.

Don’t miss the chance to experience true innovation with UGREEN’s top products like the 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band and HiTune Max 5 Headphones.

Your journey towards tech innovation starts here, at the UGREEN Brand Day Sale.

The Sale Date

Don’t miss out, as UGREEN’s massive sale on AliExpress is kicking off on December 7 and will run till December 10! The sale duration spans a thrilling few days, packed with incredible deals.

You’re probably wondering about the eligibility criteria for the free gift. Well, it’s simple – just be among the first 100 customers to snag a deal, and bingo, the HiTune H5 earphones are yours!

Worried about shipping details? Wipe that brow because UGREEN offers free shipping, dispatching your order within 48 hours. Every product comes with a solid one-year warranty, so rest easy, you’re covered.

As for payment options, they’ve got you covered with a variety of choices. Remember, this is your chance to grab innovative tech at unbeatable prices.

UGREEN Brand Day Coupon

Key Benefits: Discount Offers and Deals

During this sale, you’ll get up to 60% off on UGREEN products. If you spend more, you save more with discounts of $3 off orders over $30, $6 off orders over $60, and $9 off orders over $90.

Exclusive promotions: This sale is your golden opportunity to avail impressive discounts and exclusive deals on UGREEN’s high-quality products.

Limited stock availability: The products are in high demand, so don’t miss your chance to grab them while they’re still in stock.

Fast and reliable shipping: UGREEN ensures your purchases reach you in no time, maintaining their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Don’t just save, but also experience the innovation UGREEN offers through its cutting-edge tech accessories. Remember, the customer satisfaction guarantee is there to ensure you get the best out of your shopping experience. Don’t wait, start shopping!

Highlighted Products

Let’s focus on the standout products in this UGREEN Brand Day Sale.

You won’t want to miss out on the 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band. It offers a convenient and portable way to charge your devices on the go. With its magnetic design, you can easily attach it to the back of your phone or other devices for a seamless charging experience.

Next up, we have the HiTune Max 5 Headphones. These wireless earbuds are perfect for music lovers and audiophiles. They provide high-quality sound and come with a comfortable fit for extended listening sessions. Plus, they feature noise-canceling technology to block out any external distractions.

Lastly, we have the GaN 100W High-Speed Charger. This charger is a game-changer when it comes to charging your devices quickly. It utilizes GaN technology, which allows for faster charging speeds and a more efficient charging process. With its compact design, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Each one of these products boasts unique features that can enhance your tech lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the UGREEN Brand Day Sale and take advantage of these amazing deals.

UGREEN 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band

UGREEN 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band

On this special UGREEN Brand Day Sale on AliExpress, you’ll find the newly launched UGREEN 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band at an incredible discount. This innovative power band isn’t just a game-changer, it’s a life-changer.

  1. Compatibility and Versatility: It’s compatible with a range of devices, charging everything from iPhones to iPads, and even androids. It’s the Swiss Army knife of chargers.
  2. Charging Speed and Efficiency: With a 10,000mAh capacity and a 20W fast-charging feature, you’ll never be left with a dead device again.
  3. Portability and Convenience: It’s lightweight, compact, and features a magnetic design for easy attachment and detachment.

The durability and build quality are unmatched, with positive user reviews and feedback to back it up. Seize this opportunity!

UGREEN HiTune Max 5 Headphones

UGREEN HiTune Max 5 Headphones

After grabbing the UGREEN 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band, you’ll also want to check out the newly launched UGREEN HiTune Max 5 Headphones. These headphones take sound quality to the next level, with users noting a significant improvement in comparison to previous models.

You’ll find the comfort and fit of these headphones to be top-notch, designed for extended listening sessions. The battery life performance is exceptional, offering a whopping 90-hour listening time. The ANC effectiveness is also noteworthy, providing a deep noise reduction for a superior audio experience.

User reviews and ratings consistently compliment these features, proving the HiTune Max 5 Headphones are a hit in the market. Be a part of this innovative audio journey, and grab yours today!

UGREEN GaN 100W High-Speed Charger

UGREEN GaN 100W High-Speed Charger

You’ll love the efficiency of the UGREEN GaN 100W High-Speed Charger, one of the highlighted products in the UGREEN Brand Day Sale on AliExpress. Boasting impressive features and specifications, it’s a marvel of modern, innovative technology.

  1. It utilizes advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, allowing for a compact design without compromising power.
  2. It features four USB-C ports with a total output of 100W, ensuring high-speed charging for multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. It’s universally compatible, perfect for charging laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Comparisons with other chargers show its superior charging speed, testified by positive customer reviews. Try a charging speed test yourself and witness its prowess.


As one of the leading tech companies worldwide, UGREEN’s got an impressive array of mobile phone accessories under its belt, offering you everything from powerbanks and earphones to fast chargers and cables.

Since its inception in 2012, UGREEN’s history has been marked by innovation and product quality. The brand targets tech-savvy consumers who crave for the latest and best in mobile technology. UGREEN’s customer reviews speak volumes about the trust and satisfaction of its users globally.

With a presence in over 100 countries, UGREEN has truly made its mark on the global stage. The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it a go-to brand for mobile accessories.


Score big on UGREEN’s Brand Day Sale on AliExpress! From whopping discounts up to 60%, to early bird gifts and fast shipping, it’s a coincidence you’ve been waiting for!

Grab the stellar 10,000mAh Magnetic Power Band or HiTune Max 5 Headphones and enjoy a year’s warranty.

Go ahead, double your joy with AliExpress coins or duo deals.

It’s not just shopping, it’s an experience with UGREEN, where quality and innovation meet affordability.

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